For Moby Dog

It wasn’t a bark that jarred his master awake, but the sound of loud panting,

the desperate plea of a young-dog mind in an old-dog body,

the body that now gives him trouble and pain, and most worst of all, a feeling of shame,

for he is a “good boy”, always doing what’s right.

Except now when he wakes in the middle of night and it’s dark in the house

and no one is near to hear his cry “Let me out! Hurry up! Oh…too late now I fear.”

Too late to bark, the mess has been made, so he lies there and pants, ashamed and afraid.

Then his master awakes, hearing his anxious sad sound, and comes down the stairs to the poor puppy he’s found and says “It’s okay, not your fault, not to worry, we’ll get this cleaned up right away in a hurry.”

And he strokes his old dog and gives him a hug, saying

“Never fear my old friend, it was just an old rug. It’s not as bad as it seems. Now go back to sleep,

dream your puppy-dog dreams.”

He pats the old boy on the top of the head and goes up the stairs back to his bed.

And the young-dog mind in the old-dog body closes his eyes and lets out a sigh and goes back to sleep with his heart full of love for his master above.

Copyright © 2016 Lee Wojcik

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