For the love of Libby Lu

By Nancy Fedich

Why rescue seniors people ask. I say, why not? People say they could never do it, that they have issues, they won’t have them long, etc. I say look at the love and joy that our frosty friends give.

Miss Libby Lu

This is where Libby Lu comes in! Back in April Woody's Place received a request to take Libby in. Her 88 year old owner died and his family did not have time for her. After a three hour drive we got to meet her and she came bouncing out of the house with her long hair flowing and for me it was love at first sight. Such a sweet,friendly girl and oh her color..a beautiful silver and black. I knew she was coming home with me! She didn’t have a middle name then but I thought all beautiful girls should have one, so she became Libby Lu and joined our other “L”girls, Layla Marie and Luna Mae. It was meant to be!

A new "L" girl joins the pack

Introductions went well but oh boy that first night! She cried all night not knowing what was going on, why she was in yet another home. I laid next to her all night and right then and there I knew this sweet ,beautiful soul was going to be with us for the rest of her life. I wouldn’t put her through that again. It took a few weeks but she loved her new sisters, and really loved all of the toys in the house. She quickly Became a hoarder and would give the other two the stink eye if they came near those toys. Especially her squeaky balls.

The "L" girls....Libby, Luna, and Layla

Libby Lu loves her squeaky ball

Taking in a senior isn’t always easy. With their age there can be arthritis and other health issues. Libby’s back legs are wobbly but she takes medications and goes to physical therapy which is 1.5 hours away. She eats homemade food for her tummy issues and we have a basket filled with pills and supplements on the counter. Libby has been with us for six months now and we still hear “you won’t have her long, oh, the extra work ,why take a 11.5 year old dog” why? I will tell you, she fills our home with love, joy and she makes us laugh when she walks like something out of Jurassic Park. We do it because this beautiful, sweet girl deserves a wonderful life, we do it for the love of Libby Lu.

Miss Libby Lu and her mommy, Nancy

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