Happy Anniversary Smokey

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Two years ago today Mr. Smokey came to the sanctuary, and we are SO very glad we were able to help him. Below is the plea for assistance and Smokey's pound photos we received from ACCT in Philly on February 19, 2013:


Smokey (A19165352) is a handsome ~9 year old Shepherd-y mix who was surrendered because his owner passed away. Smokey is a gentle boy who walks very nicely on the leash, and is happy to go out on a walk! This old guy has a little trouble getting up into our kennels and coming back down due to some old man stiffness, and would love to get out of here ASAP!"

Smokey arrived on rainy and miserable day on February 19, 2013. We meet volunteers from ACCT in the parking lot of the Plymouth Meeting mall. Smokey, although scared and uncertain, politely got out of the volunteers truck (with assistance) and into ours. He sat in the back seat barely making a sound.

When we got Smokey back to the sanctuary, we walked him through the lower level door of the house in order to dry him off, and then we were going to introduce him to the female German Shepherds in our care one by one.

As I went to go up the stairs to the second level Smokey was hot on my heels insisting he was coming too. Unfortunately, the stairs were slick from my wet shoes, and we both fell down a couple of stairs.

I found a baby gate and put it at the end of the stairs to keep Smokey from climbing up again. At first he seemed to be contained, but as I got to the top and began to open the door smokey jetted up the stairs and right by me. The girls were right on the other side.

My first concern was Miss Heidi as she can be rather testy to any newbie, but for some reason she didn't act that way toward Smokey. Perhaps she was taken off guard by his sudden intrusion. Next, was how Levi Jane would react, to this new fellow, but she too seemed fine with his appearance.

Smokey was shaking like a leaf, not realizing their were others he would come face to face with once he barged through the door, so his behavior was one of trying to blend into the woodwork, so not to cause a bigger scene then he already did.

Within an hour the girls seemed more then fine with Smokey, almost as though he had been with them for years. Smokey was exhausted from the ordeal and fell asleep for hours on an area rug by the front door.

Smokey is a sanctuary favorite. He has a funny "old guy" personality. He is sweet to those he wants to be sweet to and grumpy to those he wants to be grumpy to, and he's unapologetic for his behavior.

When we got Smokey he was listed as being 9 years old. Two different vets had put Smokey's age closer to 10 -11 in 2013, which was a bit more believable due to his teeth, and overall health.

Today Smokey is not really lighting the world on fire in terms of mobility, some days are better then others, but he is d