Mandi The Blizzard Baby

This is our beautiful eleven-year-old German Shepherd, Mandi. When Mandi was nine years old, my mom heard about her; her owner had just passed away from cancer and she was living in a tiny apartment by herself. Her former owner’s children fed her, but they could not take her in. My mom visited Mandi, took her on a walk, and gained her trust. A few days later, my mom returned, this time with my father, and a few days after that, I accompanied them both there. We walked her, and by the time we returned back to our car, it had begun to snow. As we drove Mandi to a Petco to be washed up, the light snow turned into a full on blizzard. By the time we made it to the Petco, there were several inches on the ground, and it was falling faster than ever. The groomers told us that we would have to come back for Mandi in two hours; the drive my mom had to make to go get her again and bring her back to our house was even more dangerous than our previous one. By the time she made it back to our house with Mandi, we had almost a foot of snow on the ground. Our little blizzard baby has been more than worth all the trouble and has adjusted nicely to our home; she is best friends with our two other Shepherds, Gryff and Eva, and she sleeps with my little sister Maddy every night. This old lady has made the sweetest addition to our family, and we couldn’t love her more.

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