Max and Lara's Happily Ever After.

Max and Lara are a gorgeous, bonded German Shepherd brother and sister pair who, at eight years of age, found themselves being displaced from the only home they knew. They arrived at Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary in the early spring of 2018 with their food, bowls, leashes, collars, brushes, their beds, balls, and each other, but that was not enough. They were scared and uncertain, and rightfully so.

We shared their story with as many people as possible in hopes that the bonded pair would find their own forever home together. At the time we were already to capacity, and Max and Lara were both very healthy and quite active, so we were hopeful they would be successfully adopted. The challenge was keeping them together.

None the less, because of their stunning appearances, it didn't take long before we had an approved adopter who was German Shepherd savvy, home almost all the time, and had a lovely fenced-in property for the dogs to explore without getting lost. It seemed like a dream come true, so off they went to their new home, or so we thought.

In just a couple short weeks, we were notified by the new adopter that Max and Lara were too much for them, so they would need to come back to the sanctuary.

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes for various reasons, but this time it was not because of Max and Lara, but rather the adopter had bit off more than they could chew, so to speak.

Luckily, we had multiple adopter applications on file for Max and Lara. So once they returned to the sanctuary, we moved on to the next potential adopter, and that happened to be a man named Tom. Tom had been very disappointed that he was not originally selected as the new adopter for Max and Lara, so he and his wife, Linda moved on and adopted a boxer puppy, Fannie.

Our hearts sank, and we began to proceed to the next potential adopter, but Tom asked us to hold off because he wanted to try to work it out so that all three dogs could be adopted together, and he did just that.

In April of 2018, Max and Lara went to their new forever home in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania with their new dad, mom, and little sister, Fannie.

Max and Lara have lots of room to roam, fresh country air to breath, comfy beds to rest their heads, and they get along well with everyone in the family, even Fannie. It has also been noted that Lara LOVES her new dad, Tom, and is his Velcro dog. We think it's so nice that she feels so safe with him.

And here's a funny tidbit. When they came to us, we were told by the previous family that Max and Lara were "ball obsessive," and they were, and still are, even at the ripe age of ten. In fact, Tom says that they've been through about 20 to 30 balls since he has had them. Wow! That's a lot of balls.

Tom says that their favorite balls are JW Megalast Balls, which are designed to withstand lots of use, which is a good thing because, with Max and Lara's ball obsession, they will get a lot use! These are fantastic balls that you can have shipped directly to you from Amazon. Just click on the image below.

Max and Lara got their happily ever after, thanks to Tom and his family for stepping up and opening their hearts and home.

If you are looking to adopt, please consider a senior. Yes, they have lived most of their life, but that doesn't mean they don't have more life to live. And as Tom can attest, like Max and Lara, not all seniors are a curl up on the couch and be a couch potato kind of dog. Some are the, "lets play ball!" for the 10th time today kind senior. :)

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