Morning Ritual

From the time the alarm clock sounds.... No scratch that; I haven't needed an alarm in years thanks to the dogs. From the time the first senior German Shepherd sticks his wet, cold, intrusive nose in my face during the predawn hours, my day starts.

The only souls up before me and the dogs are my roosters, whom I sometimes think wake the dogs with their crowing. Fortunately, I'm a morning person, and I love those old fuzzy faces (the roosters not so much), so rarely do I ever get up on the wrong side of the bed.

In fact, my husband has said, "How do you just get up and go like that?" Well,I can give him a bunch of reasons, and they all have gray muzzles on their fuzzy faces.

Now, I always let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before going to bed, which is usually between 11:30 pm and midnight, but old dogs can't really "hold it" that long, so about 6 hours later, we're at it again. So out we go regardless if it's sunny and shorts weather, or if it's, "bundle up and go shovel a path through the snow that's two feet deep so the dogs can pee" kind of weather. I have to drag myself out of the comfort of my bed, trip over a bunch of swirling, twirling, sometimes even falling, smiling fuzzy faces, all of whom act as if they haven't seen me in months, even though we all sleep in the same room and spend about 22 out of 24 hours a day together. The morning ritual is always the same 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and it always makes me smile regularly. It's like they're all running around gleefully cheering, "She's awake! She's awake!"