Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary Seeking Canine Treadmill For Residents in Operation "Keep The

All the snow on the ground sure is putting a damper on our walking routine with the senior German Shepherds here at the sanctuary, and there doesn't seem to be an end in site when it comes to the white fluffy stuff since it's only February in the Poconos.

With most, if not all of the residents having arthritis, short frequent walks are paramount at keeping the residents going and not stiffening up. However, with a good 15 - 18 inches of snow on the ground that's a sure fire way to nix a walk period. Which got us thinking we have to come up with a solution to help the residents keep moving indoors until we can get back outside again.

So our plan is to get a canine treadmill and teach the residents to walk on it.

We told the pups, and Cheyenne seemed okay with the plan, but Misty May looks a little concerned. Will she be able to sniff the ground on this treadmill thing like she likes to do outside? What if she falls off and hurts herself? We assured her that she could sniff all she wanted since we wouldn't make her walk fast, and that the canine treadmill has guard rails on the side so she won't fall off Plus, all the dogs would be fully supervised while on the treadmill..With that, she seemed fine and willing to give it a try.

We are hoping to raise money to purchase this treadmill, which is $1214.99

This is where you come in. We need to get the word out in order to obtain donations for "Operation Keep The Dogs Moving". Anyone can donate by sending a check to the sanctuary or through online. All donations are tax deductable. Click on the link below to go to our donation page. Please be sure to include a notation that your donation is for "Operation Keep The Dogs Moving":!donate/ctzx

Sure all the snow is beautiful, but we gotta keep the dogs walking. :)

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