We've Tried the Rest. Now We Use the Best.The Joint Supplement That Keeps Our Resident Dogs Going.

We are often asked which supplements we give the Woody's Place resident dogs for arthritis. In fact, about a quarter of our e mails pertain to this very topic. So in light of this often asked question, I figured I'd sit down and write about what we use and share that information you. But before we get to it, let me be clear on a few things. When I say supplements, I am not referring to pain medications. I am referring to supplements that are readily available without a prescription or spending a ton of money. I also want to make it clear that it is important to monitor your dog for any digestive changes as well as skin issues when starting out on a new supplement. If any should arise, discontinue the supplement immediately. Every dog is different.

Okay. Drum roll please...... our "go to" supplement for the resident dogs to help combat against achy joints and inflammation is K9 Nature Supplements Turmeric Curcumin Bone Broth for Dogs Grain Free Anti Inflammatory Collagen Dog Tumeric Powder with Organic Coconut Milk What a mouthful, huh?! It's actually just called K9 Nature Supplements Turmeric Curcumin Bone Broth.

We've tried different supplements over the years that claimed to help dogs with arthritis and inflammation, and where some supplements worked for a few of the dogs, we did not see such great results for other dogs and even had digestive issues with a dog or two. Our path to supplements was not a clear path, and at one point we were buying one supplement for some dogs, another supplement for other dogs, and for a short while had three supplements in the mix. That was a lot to juggle. We wanted to simplify things, so our goal became to find one supplement for most (if not all) of the resident dogs that actually worked without any adverse effects.

That's when one of our volunteers told us about turmeric. Turmeric's active compound is curcumin which has many scientifically-proven health benefits, one of which is being a potent anti inflammatory. Armed with this information, we began to incorporate turmeric into the resident dog's home cooked food. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that some of the dogs would turn there nose up to it and not eat. I mean, lets face it, turmeric is not a spice that everyone loves even if it does have great health benefits and wonderful anti inflammatory properties. So it was back to the drawing board to find a supplement that worked and the resident dogs would actually take.

It was a few months later that I saw an ad for K9 Nature Supplements Turmeric Curcumin Bone Broth , and thought about giving it a try. After all, it had bone broth in it, which the resident dogs love so maybe that would compensate for the yucky turmeric taste. I'm pleased to say that it did, and we've been using it ever since!

So what's in this stuff that makes it so great?? This is information is taken right from the Amazon page:

  • Bone broth is jam-packed with collagen, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help your pet's body heal, recover and function at its best.

  • CONTAINS 95% CURCUMINOIDS - Turmeric curcumin helps relieve joint discomfort, while protecting the digestive and immune system.

  • ENHANCED WITH ORGANIC COCONUT MILK - This ingredient helps pets absorb the nutrients better to get the most nourishment possible from this supplement. provide another boost of joint support for your pet. It also supports weight management, cognitive function and energy levels.

  • MADE IN USA - All of K9 Nature Supplements products are made in the USA with human grade ingredients for the highest quality for your pets.

  • EASY TO USE DAILY FOR DOGS & CATS - Provide the health benefits of bone broth to your pet in a nourishing protein powder that is convenient to use & EASY to digest. Great for dog food toppers for picky eaters.

Wanna know what's in it? Here are the ingredients:

Chicken Bone Broth, Organic Coconut Milk, Turmeric Curcumin (95% curcuminoids extract powder) Inactive Ingredients: Mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, sorbic acid.

And there's a few extra bonuses!

  • It promotes heart and liver health.

  • Supports immune and digestive system.

  • Helps energy and brain function.

  • Has a 100% customer guarantee.

  • It's made in the USA

So how do you give it to your dog? The directions state to sprinkle the appropriate amount per dog's body weight on the dog's food or mix it with water and make gravy. Here at the sanctuary we make gravy and mix it in with the home cooked food for the resident dogs. Most of our resident dogs fall within the same weight category, but for those who don't, we mix up a separate batch for them to ensure they are not getting too much of the supplement.