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This is a breed specific (or your mixed poochie) Dogs/Dog In Yard"Please Close And Latch Gate" slate sign. I am now adding up to four silhouette of YOUR SPECIFIC BREED, or even your mix breed Dog. I can also do silhouettes of three different dogs on the same slate!

This slate sign is a stylish and practical way to remind others to close and latch the gate as your precious dogs are in the yard area.


Material: Slate, acrylic paint, Vinyl


***At time of check out please include the dog breed you'd like by sending an e mail to WPSGSS@GMAIL.COM . For Cats, image of silhouette is in listing. If your dog is not a purebred, no problem, send me a full side profile (head to tail) photo of your dog. Also include your background and lettering color if choosing your own colors.******


Slate is hung by a sturdy leather cord.

All slates are sealed for protection.

Slate may have slight imperfections.


Dog In Yard Please Close And Latch Gate - Custom Dog Silouette Hand Painted Deco

Option 1
  • Slate May Have Slight Imperfections .
    slate is a metamorphic rock. Sometimes there are small chips in corners or on a side, in addition to ridges or waves on the surface of the slate. There may also be a slight variation in the pigment of the slate itself. Slate is not perfect, but that's what adds to its charm and beauty. :)

    How to care for your slate:

    My slate signs are designed to last for years, but if you intend to keep your slate sign outdoors in the elements, please read the following :

    All my slates are sealed with a clear acrylic gloss to protect the artwork from fading. If you are hanging your slate sign inside and not in direct sunlight, no further action is required. If you are displaying your slate sign outside, you will need to respray your slate sign every so often with a clear acrylic gloss such as Krylon, which you can get at most big box home improvement stores, or Walmart. If your slate sign is in the direct sun, respray every six months or as needed. If not in direct sunlight then as needed. When you see your slate sign does not have a shine over the paint or that the shine is lackluster, then it is time. 
    Please follow the directions on the spray paint can and use precaution.
    Although I stand by all my work, I do not guarantee free placement of slate signs. If there was a clear issue with your slate sign within three months after purchase, please send me a photo to discuss placement. If your sign has been outside for years, I do not guarantee free replacement.