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Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary, Inc. is a reputable 501c3 non-profit organization situated in Greentown, Pennsylvania. Since our establishment in 2011, our primary goal has been to offer top-notch, lifelong care to senior German Shepherds who have been disregarded or displaced. With a devoted team of seasoned caregivers at the helm, we are committed to cultivating a secure and nurturing atmosphere where our residents can flourish physically, emotionally, and socially. By championing responsible pet ownership through our Life With Old Dogs Media, we seek to shed light on the distinct needs of senior dogs while also championing their safeguarding and well-being. Ultimately, our mission is to grant these faithful companions the opportunity for a fresh start by affording them an unparalleled quality of life during their golden years. Our vision is unwavering: every abandoned senior German Shepherd should receive affection and care throughout their golden years.

Current Owner Referral Dog


Oreo: 8-year-old spayed female, UTD on shots. Housebroken, needs anxiety and allergy meds., walks well on a leash, has lived with children, gets along with small dogs and cats, and is described as submissive, fearful, and nervous.

Located in Upper Chester County, PA

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Jimmy: 4-year-old neutered male, UTD on shots. Housebroken, non-destructive, has lived with children, not socialize with other dogs, but is cat friendly. Described as dominant, reserved/confident. More friendly with women than men.

Located in Upper Bucks County, PA

Email us for contact information

Disclosure: We have never met these dogs and cannot attest to their behavior or health and will not be held accountable for such. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence.


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Woody's Place is sponsored in part by:

 The Shepherds Run Foundation, Inc
The Bob Jones Dog Trust
Marianne H. Halle Animal Support Foundation


Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary

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Woody's Place ~ Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary, Inc is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of displaced senior German Shepherds

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