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You may have heard at least once in your lifetime of a family who had an old German Shepherd that had gotten lame in the back end or no one in the family really bothered with anymore, so while the kids were at school, someone in the household took the poor old dog to the pound, but when the kids find out old Fido was no longer there, they became upset. That's when mom or dad says, "We took him to a nice farm in the country to retire where he'll be much happier there." When in reality poor Fido was just sentenced to almost certain death because shelters nationwide are full to capacity and being an old German Shepherd in a full shelter is a death sentence.  


UGH... Whatever happened to a lifelong commitment? With this very sad reality in mind for many older German Shepherds, this is why we chose to label ourselves a sanctuary and not a rescue. Although we do rescue, we also want to give these forgotten senior German Shepherds a loving forever home that they can call their own, because "WE TRULY ARE THAT PLACE IN THE COUNTRY WHERE OLD GERMAN SHEPHERDS COME TO RETIRE."


"Why make a dog a resident dog instead of adopting them out?"

Well, there are several reasons why we make the decision to keep a dog as a resident and not pursue an adopter. Here are a few of the reasons:


  •'s not easy being old and shuttled around from place to place.

  • Minor Urinary/Fecal incontinence

  • Degenerative Myelopathy or other "hind end" issues

  • Minor health issues that may or may not require ongoing medication, such as allergies, thyroid issues & EPI to name few.

  • Slight non-violent behavior issues such as anxiety or depression, and not adapting easily to new environments or situations

  • No interest from potential adopters

  • Most importantly, because of the trauma, the senior GSD has already endured being removed from their home and transitioned into another. 


It is not easy for any dog to find themselves homeless and in a shelter or on the streets, but we feel the trauma is even more pronounced for dogs who are up in years.  To the point, when they are in their golden years they don't adapt as easily as their younger counterparts might, BUT that doesn't mean they don't still have quality of life and deserve a warm fluffy bed, a belly full of food, a gentle stroke of a hand, and a place to call home too.


Although our space for resident dogs is limited, when we commit to a senior German Shepherd resident dog it is for the duration of that dog's life. And while they are with us, they receive top-notch care which includes regular vet check-ups and medical attention, high-quality food and treats, plenty of orthopedic pillows to rest on, brand name harness' and wheel carts (for those who need them), constant supervision as they are rarely left alone, plenty of outdoor space for short, frequent walks in the fresh country air, toys for those who want to play,  and most of all lots of love and affection.  In short, when we agree to take on an abandoned senior German Shepherd, we commit to the fullest extent and treat them like they are our own because they are.


However, caring for our resident dogs is not cheap, and we are constantly in need of financial assistance and volunteers who share our views. This page showcases the senior German Shepherds in our care past and present, and our furry angels in heaven.


There is a Donate button at the top of the web page for those who would like to sponsor one of our resident dogs or make a one time donation. We sure would appreciate it, and so would the senior German Shepherds in our care. Every dollar is tax-deductible (EIN 45-1284897) and goes toward the direct care of the dogs. Won't you help us, help them?




Brandi is a 12-year-old, darling little girl whose owner left her "temporarily" at a friend's house and never came back for her. She was then surrendered to the Lakeland, FL SPCA who then contacted up for help. Brandi arrived at the sanctuary on January 19, 2018.

Brandi's favorite things are:

* Walking with her friends in the woods

* Breakfast, dinner, and treats

* People

* Rides in the truck

* Laying in bed

*Sniffing the greenhouse for stray cats

* Playing with the other dogs

* Her boyfriend, Atticus

To Sponsor Brandi, click on the

DONATION button. Please include a notation in the comment 

the section that you wish to sponsor


20210310_195956 (1).jpg

Champ is a 12-year-old, handsome boy who came to us from ACCT in Philly as a stray on July 15, 2018.

Champ had some skin issues related to allergies but with the appropriate diet is maintaining a healthy life. Unfortunately, if he eats one thing he is allergic to, it takes us a while to clear up the negative reaction. Because of this, Champ's diet, including treats, is a limited ingredient.

Champ's favorite things are:

  * Stuffed animals with squeakers

  * Running and playing

  * Sleeping on the ottoman or sofa

​  * Chasing the pigs that reside here

  * His friends at the sanctuary

To sponsor Champ, click on the DONATION button. Please include a notation in the comment section that you wish to sponsor Champ

Atticus is an 11-year-old, handsome boy whom we received as an owner surrender on December 3, 2018. 

Atticus had multiple health issues when he arrived at the sanctuary which required immediate medical attention. In spite of not feeling his best, he did very well meeting the other resident dogs and fits in very nicely. 

After being in our care for a little while, Atticus has been neutered and receives constant care for his allergies, and chronic eye and ear problems.

Atticus' favorite things are:

*His little girlfriend, Brandi

* Toys of any kind

* Sleeping on the sofa

* His buddies Rock and Champ

* His caretaker, Dawn

* Tantalizing cats, chickens, and ducks, and pigs

To sponsor Atticus, click on the DONATION button. Please include a notation in the comment section that you wish to sponsor Atticus.

Jensen is a ten-year-old, cute, and fluffy boy who arrived at the sanctuary in July 2019 from ACCT in Philly along with his brother Jared.

Jensen is a sweetheart who, now that he's been with us for a while, is well adjusted and loves to be with people and his furry friends.

 Some of his favorite things are:

  • Treats

  • His fluffy ducky

  • Being by Dawn's side, no matter what

  • Taking walks with his buddy, Champ

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20210413_114526 (1).jpg

Prince is a 9-year-old, super friendly boy who came from PSPCA in Philly as an HLE investigation. When he arrived, he was emaciated and couldn't walk or hold himself up, and was covered in fleas. He was in such bad shape they weren't sure he was going to make it. Unfortunately, Price also has Degenerative Myelopathy.

Right now Price is quite mobile and enjoying his time and friends here at the sanctuary.

Some of Prince
's favorite things are:

  • Playing with toys. Primarily balls and frisbees

  • His Big Barker Orthopedic dog bed

  • Home-cooked food and treats

  • Taking walks and playing outside


To sponsor Prince, click on the DONATION button. Please include a notation in the comment section that you wish to sponsor Prince


Our former residents who stayed with us for a short while, but will forever remain in our hearts.

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