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The Woody's Place Team

Dawn Mimnaugh - Founder - CEO, Website Administrator & Primary Caretaker of the Sanctuary

As a child, Dawn’s best friend was her German Shepherd named Maxine. Often, Dawn could be found sitting with Maxine inside her dog box playing with her and having a great time. As an adult, Dawn was given a black German Shepherd named Levi Jane who was the apple of Dawn’s eye until the day Levi Jane passed

While volunteering for a German Shepherd rescue from 2005 to 2011, Dawn was the only volunteer who was willing to take a chance on fostering a 10 year old, German Shepherd named Woody. Once Woody entered her home and her heart, it didn’t take Dawn long to realize what a special boy he was, and that there was a great need for a rescue that specialized in senior German Shepherds, like Woody.

After realizing her journey could only go so far with the German Shepherd rescue she was volunteering for at the time, Dawn decided to take her years of German Shepherd experience and create Woody’s Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary. In March 2011 the Sanctuary officially became a 501c3 non profit organization.

When Dawn is not engaged in Woody’s Place activities, she can be found tending to her many chickens and ducks, slew of outdoor cats, her disabled indoor kitty, spending time with family and friends, kayaking, hiking, enjoying nature, doing home improvement projects, and furthering her education.

Dawn can be reached at wpsgss@gmail.com or DMimnaugh@wpsgss.org

Karen Gifford - Event Coordinator, Transport Volunteer & Community Outreach

Most of my working life while I lived in Philadelphia was mundane: waitressing, answering phones, secretarial,  and training CS reps, but I made my way to a Managerial position.  

Having retired almost a decade ago, I moved to the Pocono Mountains and started looking for something to keep me active, both personally and in my community. I became Department head at the local Greene Dreher Sterling Ag Fair in 2011 in the needlework department,  which is something I've done all my life.

Then, about 4 years ago, I met one of my new neighbors, and discovered Woody's Place.  Rescuing senior GSD's is something that never crossed my mind until I met Dawn. I  am now Co-Vice President and am working with the team at Woody's Place to help senior dogs retire and live their lives with dignity.  Patience, compassion and looking out for the underdog all my life have come to roost in my efforts at Woody's Place.

My husband and I have a GSD, a cat, and chickens. Collectively we have three sons,two wonderful daughters-in-law, a daughter and four grandchildren.

Karen can be reached at kgifford@wpsgss.org

Nancy Fedich - Vice President, Finances, Volunteer Coordinator & Facebook Administrator


Nancy recently retired to Newfoundland, PA where she and her husband have a second career taking care of their alpacas! Having spent thirty years being a CEO, growing a business and raising a family, it was time for something new. She has always been an animal lover and also believes in giving back. Having served on multiple non profit boards, Woody's Place seemed a natural fit. In fact, her first volunteer position was for the Humane Society in Warwick, NY when she was fourteen . She is a lover of all animals but is especially a lover of German Shepherds.

Nancy is married and a mother to two sons and grandmother to four grandchildren.

Nancy can be reached at nfedich@wpsgss.org

Carol Bondy - Adoption and Foster Care Coordinator for Northeastern PA, Board Trustee, & Facebook Administrator


When I was a little girl my aunt and uncle had this huge red and black German Shepherd name Rusty. He did so many things on command and would even take a pack of cigarettes from my uncles pocket I loved him and thought he was so smart. I always told him that when I get older I would get a dog just like him!!   LOL...little girls and their dogs.
Well, when I got married that's the first thing I did .I got a German Shepherd...my very first one...and my own!  After owning a German Shepherd, you can never go back..hehe. I've had them all my life, and now that I am a senior I wanted to help senior German Shepherds. I just love the look in their eyes. They look right through your soul, so here I am. I discovered Woody's Place, and even though it's very heartbreaking at times, it fills my heart every time that we are able to save one and show them love and compassion, even for a short time
The picture above is me and my daughter Christine...she is also a Woody's  Place volunteer.

Carol can be reached at carolbondy@wpsgss.org

Sue Geitz - Foster Care Coordinator for Southeastern, PA


Sue can be reached at s_geitz@yahoo.com

In addition to the members listed above, Woody's Place has several wonderful volunteers and foster homes without whom we could not achieve our mission of helping homeless senior German Shepherds.