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Ask To Pet I'm Nervous nervous dog patch for leash or harness.


How frustrating is it to be out and about with your fur friend and someone comes up to pet him without asking?? 

Now, this may not seem like a big deal if your fur friend is very social and loves everyone, but it can be a big deal for fur friends who are just learning to be social, or who have had a bad experience and don't like to be touched by those he doesn't know.

The bottom line is, it happens....people reach to pet a dog even if they aren't sure how he is going to react. That's why this patch is so great!

It states clearly to, "ASK" to pet instead of just assuming it's okay, and it's very visible even for those who might not understand that..." yes...don't touch my dog without asking applies even to you!"


This patch is  2 x 5 and has double-sided velcro on the back for easy attachment.

Ask To Pet I'm Nervous Patch

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