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Disclosure & Terms of Service

Affiliate Disclosure

To sustain my blogging endeavors, I might receive financial compensation or other forms of payment for endorsing, recommending, providing testimonials, or linking to products or services on this blog. Here's what this entails for you:

  • Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd/Dawn Mimnaugh/#lifewitholddogs®/Lifewitholddogs Media, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

  • If you click on a link on #LifeWithOldDogs, it's probably an affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking that link, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Rest assured, using an affiliate link to buy something won't incur any extra cost for you.

  • Occasionally, we receive compensation from companies in the form of either monetary payment or complimentary products in exchange for writing about them or their offerings. Rest assured, we only collaborate with companies that we wholeheartedly endorse.

  • All content that is financially supported by a company will be explicitly labeled as paid or sponsored, allowing you to make an informed decision about the product or subject matter.

  • While there may be instances where we are compensated for a post, please note that all ideas, opinions, and statements shared are solely my own. Rest assured that if we do not personally use a product, it will not be featured here.

Terms of Service

By using this platform, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. These rules apply to all aspects of the website, including content, services, and products like Senior Dog Journal, The 20 Most Common Health Issues of Senior German Shepherds, and Kibble with a Kick. Your use of our Services is contingent upon your acceptance of all terms and conditions outlined here, as well as any additional rules or policies that may be introduced in the future. Life With Old Dogs Media LLC is the proud owner and operator of this web page.

We kindly ask that you carefully review this Agreement before utilizing our Services. Your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement is implied upon accessing or using any aspect of our Services. If you do not consent to all the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement, please refrain from accessing or using any of our Services.

Our Services cater to individuals aged 18 and above, ensuring that only users who are 18 years old or older can access and utilize our offerings.

Contributors are solely accountable for the content they provide on and, whether through blog posts, comments, links, or any other form of content. This responsibility extends to all types of content, such as text, photos, videos, audio, and code, and includes any potential harm caused by their contributions.

Please note that we have not conducted a comprehensive review of all the content accessible through the websites and pages linked to Life With Old Dogs media, nor those linked to Life With Old Dogs media. You are responsible for taking necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and your devices from threats such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful content. #lifewitholddogs and Life With Old Dogs Media, LLC. do not assume any liability for any damages resulting from your interaction with external websites and pages not affiliated with #lifewitholddogs or Life With Old Dogs Media, LLC.

In order to use our Website, you must adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, both domestically and internationally. #lifewitholddogs Life With Old Dogs Media, LLC has the authority to investigate any complaints or breaches of our Legal Terms. We reserve the right to take necessary actions such as terminating your Member account, informing law enforcement agencies about any suspected illegal activities, and sharing pertinent information with authorized parties according to our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property Notice: Our website may display our service marks or trademarks, along with those of our affiliates or other companies, in various forms, such as words, graphics, and logos. Your engagement with #lifewitholddogs Life With Old Dogs Media, LLC does not entitle you to use these service marks or trademarks without obtaining prior written permission from the respective owner. Additionally, #lifewitholddogs Life With Old Dogs Media, LLC is safeguarded by international copyright laws. Any unauthorized copying, redistribution, use, or publication of content from our website is strictly prohibited. It is important to note that using our website does not confer any ownership rights upon you.

Our Website may feature links to external websites for your convenience. However, we want to clarify that we do not endorse or have any official connection with these third-party sites. The presence of these links on our Website does not imply any form of endorsement, guarantee, or recommendation of the linked websites. Please be aware that#lifewitholddogs/Life With Old Dogs Media, LLC has no authority over the legal and privacy policies of these external websites. Therefore, accessing them is at your own risk.

The laws of Pennsylvania, USA, govern our Legal Terms, and any disputes will be resolved in courts located in Pennsylvania. You must file any legal claims related to our website within one year of the issue arising. If any part of our Legal Terms is deemed invalid, the rest will still apply. Our Legal Terms take precedence over any conflicting content on our website. Failure to enforce a provision does not waive our right to do so later on. Our rights under these terms remain even after they are terminated.

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