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Privacy Policy

At LifeWithOldDogs, safeguarding your privacy is our top priority.


Our privacy policy dictates how we handle personal information on our platform. We value and protect your privacy and aim to keep your data secure.


This Policy outlines the type of information we gather and its intended use. Please note that this policy is specific to our website and does not extend to any third-party websites linked here.

What data do we gather, and for what purposes is it utilized?

  • Users have the option to provide personal information on the Website for various reasons, such as subscribing to newsletters, commenting on blog posts, or participating in sweepstakes. This information includes your name, email address, and website URL and is only collected when you choose to enter it voluntarily.

  • When engaging with the Website, we have the ability to gather and retain specific usage-related data, such as your computer's IP address and browser details. This collected information is utilized to tailor the content and design of our page to suit the preferences of each visitor.

  • When visiting the Website, third-party advertising companies are utilized to deliver content and ads, potentially employing cookies. Rest assured that no personal information is disclosed to the ad providers associated with the Website.

  • The website utilizes Google Analytics to monitor audience demographics and traffic data, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is shared with Google Analytics.

  • Our website collaborates with influencer networks, brands, and agencies for sponsored campaigns. To comply with FTC regulations, all sponsored content is transparently disclosed. Occasionally, these campaigns may employ tracking pixels (also known as web beacons) with cookies to gather data on user behavior and audience demographics. The sponsoring company uses this data to evaluate the campaign's effectiveness. Rest assured, no personally identifiable information collected by our website is linked to these tracking pixels.

  • The Website utilizes cookies to save visitor preferences, track user-specific data regarding accessed pages, prevent repetitive display of the same banner ads, and tailor Website content according to the visitor's browser type or provided information. Additionally, third-party services like Google Analytics may also make use of cookies for the mentioned purposes.

  • WPSGSS, Inc., and LifeWithOldDogs are both involved in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate initiative that allows websites to earn advertising fees by promoting and linking to Through this program, customized links from Amazon are shared on the Website to monitor referrals and track visits using cookies. This enables the attribution of commissions for sales generated through these links.

Users' email addresses and personal information will not be sold, distributed, or disclosed without their explicit consent. Please note that this policy does not apply to third-party partners such as those mentioned earlier.

You have the option to opt out of sharing personal information whenever you choose. However, please note that declining may impact our ability to offer you our services. To request the deletion of your personal data, simply send an email to Please be aware that certain legal obligations may require us to retain your information in some instances. Rest assured, if this occurs, the data will be securely stored in a separate archive and will no longer be actively used

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