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Refreshing and Wholesome Coconut Water Frozen Dog Treats

Are you looking for a recipe this summer for refreshing and wholesome frozen dog treats that require limited ingredients, won't put extra pounds on your fur friend, and will make him come back for more!

Then check out our recipe for Coconut water frozen dog treats! It only takes four simple ingredients, that you most likely already have on hand, and it only takes minutes to whip together, put in a mold, small plastic containers, or even dixie cups, and pop into the freezer until frozen.

The recipe is really simple and is as follows: 1/2 Cup of coconut water 1/2 Cup yogurt 1 banana 1 jar of baby food (can be whatever your choose, fruit, veggies, meat) Mix all ingredients and then put the mixture in your choice of container. It can be a silicone mold, small plastic containers with lids, or even dixie cups! It's really no big deal what you put the mixture in so long as it is portion-sized, can freeze, and is easy to pop out once it's frozen.

Disclaimer: Coconut water frozen dog treat is not suitable for dogs with certain allergies.

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