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A Clean Dog is A Happy Dog

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We headed out of the sanctuary to one of our board member's houses to give Champ, Atticus, and Brandi a bath today. Of course, we can bathe them here, but what fun it was to go somewhere different.

We headed down the road with the windows down, and three doggie faces sticking out, breathing in the warm autumn air. I mean, seriously, Atticus looked like he couldn't get enough. Little did they know that on the other end of their glorious ride through the heart of the Poconos on this fine day was a bottle of doggie shampoo, a hose equipped with hot water, and a pile of fluffy towels to dry off with.

First up was Mr. Atticus, who was a star at staying still while he got lathered up and rinsed off.

Once we were finished with Atticus, we had Mr. Champ waiting patiently for his turn to get scrubbed clean, which he loved...., especially on his belly.

And last but certainly not least was our little Miss Brandi. Carol and I were soaked and wet from bathing the boys, but we didn't skimp on time with giving Miss Brandi the "Spa Treatment."

Not that the doggies needed to be dried with fluffy towels because it was so nice out, and they were busy exploring the smells and toys of Carol's yard, but we fluffed them anyway.

All finished! Brandi and Atticus....aka the "Love birds," are ready to head back to the sanctuary

As if our very handsome and very clean Mr. Champ.

Up next for a bath are Dark, Jensen, and Jared. Wish our backs luck! ;)

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