Spa Day for the Girls

The senior German Shepherds of Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary have been extremely fortunate to receive high quality laser and hydrotherapy with Petra Ford and her wonderful staff at Aqua Paws Rehabilitation in Flanders, New Jersey. We've taken our dogs for short term treatment as well as long term care such as Brandi and Libby who look forward to their bi monthly "spa day".

Brandi receiving hydrotherapy for her elbow dysplasia

Why is physical therapy important to our senior German Shepherds? Just like people, our senior dogs start to slow down as they age and loose mobility due to natural wear and tear of joints, or from sustaining an injury, and even from gaining weight. At this stage of their lives, it is important to keep them as active as possible even if it means taking short, frequent walks throughout the day, but sometimes that's easier said than done due to limitations such as pain or injury, and this is where physical therapy helps our dogs stay as comfortable and mobile as possible.

Libby receiving laser therapy from Petra while Brandi gets a little reassurance from Nancy

Typically, when we have a resident senior German Shepherd who has mobility issues we have them diagnosed with our veterinarian. In Libby's case she has spinal stenosis, and Brandi has elbow dysplasia in her front left leg. Once they are diagnosed we then come up with a treatment plan which includes physical therapy. That's where Aqua Paws Rehabilitation comes in.

During our first visit at Aqua Paws Rehabilitation, we have a consult to discuss the diagnosis with owner Petra Ford, P.T., CCRT (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist), and she puts together a treatment plan for us, which includes massage, laser therapy, and hydrotherapy among other treatments, and then we get to work implementing the treatment plan.

The benefits of our seniors German Shepherds receiving massage, laser, and hydrotherapy include but are not limited to:

  • Speedier recovery from injury

  • Reduced level of pain

  • Increased strength

  • Better muscle condition

  • Better range of motion

  • Improved balance

  • Weight loss

  • Better quality of life

Miss Libby is feeling good after her therapy

The process, which is about an hour for each dog, starts with a massage, then laser therapy, followed by more massage, and then hydrotherapy (with or without jets), and finally a rub down to dry off. And of course, we stop to get a yummy snack before making the hour long trek back home.

Our overall goal is to keep our resident senior German Shepherds as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as possible, and Petra and her staff help us do just that. Our dogs always have a little more "pep in their step" after their visit.Aqua Paws Rehabilitation.

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