Allergies in Your Senior German Shepherd

Updated: Apr 10

Have you had the misfortune of witnessing your senior German Shepherd suffer from allergies? If you answered yes, then you're probably all too familiar with the ramifications that the allergies cast on both you and your stricken fur friend as you desperately try to solve the mystery of the, oftentimes, insidious affliction at work, sooner rather than later. Allergies in your senior German Shepherd are no fun for anyone. Not for him. Not for you, and not for anyone else in constant company with your itchy, gray muzzled fur friend, including any other fur friends in the home. Trust me when I say that it's hard to watch your senior German Shepherd perpetually do any of the following: * Itch like crazy and scratch patches of fur out in the process * Sneezing and reverse sneezing * Stinky ears with or without yucky discharge * Yeasty, smelly, oftentimes greasy coat * Blackened flaky and greasy skin* Crusty and or runny eyes * Chewing or licking certain spots on his body * Red, irritated hot spots anywhere on their body * Unexplained GI upset that seems to come and go for no apparent reason turns out to be allergies These are just a few of the unwanted effects that allergies produce in your fur friend, which are surely causing a great deal of discomfort and misery within the boundaries of their old, furry bodies with no real relief in sight. What's more, as they are suffering, you feel helpless and maybe even confused as to what's causing your senior German Shepherd's body to declare war on itself and what you can do to stop the vicious assault so that your fur friend can live in peace throughout his golden years. We here at Woody's Place know all too well what it's like to deal with allergies in our senior German She