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Could Your Dog Be The Next Pupcasso?

Of course! Every dog has the potential to be a Pupcasso. All he needs to create a masterpiece is the supplies and a little help from his human friend. And we're going to help his human friend along with some instructions.

We like to call this fun activity "Pupcasso Art Project." It only takes a few supplies, most of which you may already have on hand and the rest would only cost a couple of dollars. Isn't it worth a couple of dollars to have a memorable keepsake from your favorite Pupcasso?

We think so. So let's get started!

Pupcasso Art Project supplies

1) Select something for your Pupcasso to paint on. We use 8 x 10 inch framed canvas. We use 10 Pack 8" x 10" Super Value Canvas from Michael's. They cost right around $12.

2) Next, select your paint. We use water-based acrylic paint also from Michael's. You'll want to use at least two different colors, but we use around four or five. Once you have your paint selected, apply it to the canvas any way you want. It can be in applied in lines, dots, a checker pattern, or zigzags. Just be sure to use the paint evenly across the canvas.

3) After that, immediately slather a thin layer of peanut butter on one side of a one-gallon Zip Lock plastic bag. (If your dog can not have peanut butter, you can substitute with canned dog or pumpkin.)

4) Carefully slide the paint-covered canvas inside the plastic bag without smearing the paint, and then seal the plastic bag closed.

5) Now, here comes the fun part! Give the peanut butter covered Zip Lock bag to your Pupcasso and let him go to town licking the peanut butter till his heart is content!

6) Once your Pupcasso is done licking off all the peanut butter, open the Zip Lock bag and cut the top of the bag in half from top to bottom. Then, cut it from side to side and carefully side your Pupcasso's masterpiece out of the bag.

7) At this point, you can either leave the masterpiece as it is or add your own little personal touch to it. We took a pencil eraser to make hearts in the wet paint, but there are so many other ways to embellish the artwork. For instance, you can put your Pupcasso's paw print in the wet paint, so long as it is water-based and you wash his paw immediately afterward. Another idea for those with a Cricut machine would be to add a vinyl element such as your dog's name. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you keep it simple or go fancy, the bottom line is that you are having fun with your fur friend, regardless of their age or mobility issues.

Iz a Pupcasso!

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Sounds like fun!! As soon as the roads clear up a bit, I'm on my way to Michael's for supplies!

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