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Our Resident Senior German Shepherds LOVE the LickiMat Soother

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The blog post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

Several months back, we purchased LickiMat Soothers for all the resident dogs here at Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary and have incorporated the mats into our daily routine, and boy, do the dogs love them!

Our routine is to provide each dog with outside activity several times a day. After our afternoon outing, the dogs are treated to time with their LickiMats, which they really look forward to.

So here's what we do:

We spread either canned dog food, peanut butter, yogurt, or baby food on the LickiMat and then put the mats on the floor for the dogs to enjoy!

Once the dogs are finished licking their LickiMats clean, we wash the mats in warm, soapy water.

Once they are thoroughly cleaned and dried, we hang them up for next time!

Here's what we love about LickiMat Soothers:

1) They are super easy to use.

2) The dogs are occupied

3) We can put on whatever treat we'd like

4) They are made out of silicone and are easy to clean

8) Reasonably priced

What the manufacturer says:

* Our LickiMat Line is a challenge/reward-based treat delivery system that engages pets over a long period of time while only delivering small portions of their favorite treat.

* They are designed to deliver a medical-free way to promote calm behavior in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like storms.

* All the products are designed to be filled with your dog's favorite treat. It can also be frozen to extend the period of engagement.

* Our LickiMats promote fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums.

They also stimulate saliva to aid in digestive health.

If you have pups, do yourself (and them) a favor and get LickMats! You won't be disappointed.

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