Dogs Love Visits Too.

Did you know that you can visit the sanctuary? You can! And the dogs love when people come by to visit. They also love when a walk is included. :) This past weekend we had a wonderful visit from two of our Facebook followers and supporters of Woody's Place.

Sam and Jamie drove 3 hours one way from Asbury New Jersey to spend the afternoon with us, and boy did the doggies (and I) love it! We had such a wonderful time getting to know each other, and they loved on each and every dog as if they were their own.They also made a huge contribution in terms of doggie beds, food, supplements, treats, leashes and collars, cleaning supplies and blankets, and lots of toys! The dogs were in heaven, and we were so appreciative!

Fortunately for us, the weather wasn't half bad, so we went to the lake to take a group walk. That's when we load up all the doggies and walk together. Trust me, some heads were turned, but in a good way, because not too many people expect to see a large number of German Shepherds walking together and being so well behaved, to boot! The Woody's Place resident dogs really are good ambassadors to the breed.

We spend quite a bit of time at the lake before heading back to the sanctuary. I think Sam and Jamie enjoyed themselves at the lake for our group walk as much as the doggies did. ;)

Once we returned to the sanctuary we chatted a bit more, but it was getting late, so Sam and Jamie had to be on their way, but not before we could get some pictures with them and the doggies.

And a pooped Jensen