4 Tips For Keeping Your Senior German Shepherd Calm During Fireworks


It's that time of the year folks when we here in the United States "let freedom ring" by getting together with family and friends to enjoy BBQs and cookouts where fireworks will most likely send us and our full bellies home with a bang! Surely a good time will be had by all! After all, who doesn't love delicious grilled food, ice-cold drinks, and fun into the night with family and friends that ends in the booming escapades of fireworks that light up the nighttime sky? Ummmmm....your dog. Sure he may be into the food and fun part, but I'd bet anything that he's no fan of the booming escapades of fireworks lighting up the nighttime sky. For him, it's just downright scary. Traumatizing even. Did you know that most dogs who go missing do so on the night of the Fourth of July? It's true! Lost pets increase by 30% between July 4th - the 6th. There are plenty of different ways to be proactive in keeping your dog safe from the noise of fireworks. Some folks swear by thundershirts. Others make sure their dog's microchip and collar are updated in case the bolt. Some even exercise their dog considerably before fireworks to tire them out during the "big show." Again, all great suggestions. But we've put together an inforgraph of how we handle fireworks here at the sanctuary on the fourth of July. Sometimes we use one or two of the tips, sometimes we use all, but one thing is certain, we ALWAYS stay home, because it's not worth it to us to leave the dogs scared and freaking out while we go see fireworks. In fact, we wouldn't even have a good time knowing what was happening back at the sanctuary. Check out the infograph below, and please feel free to share.