Did Someone Say Cake? We Did! And Here's A Quick and Easy Recipe That Will Thrill Your Fur Friend

Updated: Aug 30

Who doesn't love a party? And better yet, who doesn't love cake?! Most of us do, and guess what? So does your fur friend! Of course, just like humans, it's never a good idea to load up on sweets, but a piece of cake here and there can't hurt, right?! Especially when it's someone's birthday...like your dogs'! If you are like us, then you look forward to showering your fur friend with love, and you really pour on the love when it's their birthday am I right? You bet! Just recently, we had a birthday party for our most senior Resident, Champ. He's a whopping 13 years old, so we pulled out all the stops! We invited all his friends, got decorations, had some Mc Donald's plain cheeseburgers, presents, and even made a doggie cake! The party hats may have been a flop, but trust me when I say, that there was not a crumb of cake left by the end of the day, because Champ and all of his friends made fast work of seeing it into their tummies. ;)