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Chopped Sirloin Doggie Delight. Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

And what a delight it is! Cook up this delicious meal for your doggie, and watch him lick his bowl clean!

Our Chopped Sirloin Doggie Delight recipe is a recipe you can feel good about giving to your dog, whether you use this as a meal topper or a whole meal with a multivitamin.

Either way, your fur friend will love it, and you will feel good serving it!

As with our other recipes, this is flexible, so if sirloin doesn't work for your do, make it with another meat source instead.

Not only will your dog benefit from having natural beef, but the other ingredients are also super beneficial.

For instance, did you know green beans are also loaded with fiber and protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins B6, A, C, and K? They are!

Furthermore, brown rice (no salt, please) is a rich carbohydrate that can help settle an upset tummy and diarrhea....just be sure not to overdo the rice.

And lastly, bone broth is excellent for everything, from joint rejuvenation to better digestion and increased appetite, to a shiny coat and healthy skin, and increased hydration!

I can't think of any way to go wrong with bone broth. That's for sure.

We have a recipe for that as well. Wanna check it out? Just click on the link below.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use the correct suggested portion size for a complete meal (Not as a topper). Check out the chart above for guidelines.

If you are using it as a topper, be sure to reduce the amount of kibble for every portion of this recipe you add.

For instance, if your dog eats two cups of kibble per meal, offer one cup of kibble and one cup of this recipe.

Too much is not a good thing, so be sure to follow the guidelines.

To see how to make my Chopped Sirlion Doggie Delight homemade dog food recipe, check out our YouTube channel:

Disclaimer: Not recommended for dogs with known beef allergies. Start with the same ingredients each time to see if a reaction develops.

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