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How We Integrate A Newbie In With The Current Resident Dogs

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The question we get asked most often is, "How do you get all the dogs to get along?" And the answer takes a lot of work, consistency, and patience. The first thing to remember is that we've already chosen only senior German Shepherds that we feel will be a good fit for our cage-free sanctuary life program. So the very first step is vetting the newbie properly.

You can read more about how we do that in this blog post here>>>

After that, we follow these six steps.

Keep in mind that no two dogs are the same. One may adapt very quickly to living with a bunch of other senior German Shepherds because they have lived with other dogs and know the drill or simply because they are outgoing and friendly.

But other dogs that come to us take time to get acclimated to living with a pack.

The ultimate goal is to get all of our senior German Shepherds living together harmoniously. Something else we keep in mind while integrating a newbie......

Every single senior German Shepherd that has come to us must go through the rule of three, and we need to respect that and help them through it. There is no rushing the rule of three. Some get through it quicker, and others take longer, but it's always best to give them the time they need to ensure the transition to Woody's Place is as smooth as it possibly can be.


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