What You Need To Know About Arthritis in Your Senior German Shepherd

Updated: Apr 10

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Unfortunately, arthritis in your senior German Shepherd is a common condition that affects their joints. It can lead to pain, which makes it difficult for them to get around or even stand up without causing discomfort. What does arthritis look like in a senior German Shepherd? There can be one telltale sign or several such as limping, stiffness, trouble getting up or standing, visible swollen, hot joints, not wanting to be active, having issues navigating certain surfaces like hardwood floors, an unusually arched back, or other posture changes, and being snappish to name a few. Fortunately, there are many treatments available, but sadly, no cure. At Woody's Place Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary, we find that the best thing you can do for your senior German Shepherd is to keep them as active as possible and help relieve their symptoms with supplements, high-quality CBD oil, massage therapy, or other therapies, and medication when needed. Here are some ways you can help your senior German Sh