Cancer and Your Senior German Shepherd|The Older He Gets, The Greater The Risk

Updated: Apr 10

Your senior German Shepherd has unwaveringly been by your side for the past ten years. He is your family and best friend, and you would do anything for him. Lately, you've noticed that he is not eating like he usually does or that he seems lethargic and depressed despite you taking him to all of his favorite places. You chalk it up to him being older and perhaps let this new behavior slide for a little bit while keeping a close eye on him. But after giving it some time, he doesn't seem to be bouncing back, so you take him to his trusted veterinarian for a full workup, including diagnostic imaging, and that's when you discover that he has cancer.

This diagnosis can be terrifying to senior German Shepherd parents. We know firsthand because we have been there many times. But it's essential for you as a senior German Shepherd parent to put your fears aside and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can from prevention to treatment to expectations of survival.

Cancer is the number one cause of death in our fur friends, with approximately 6 million diagnosed annually. That's o